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Burgan Bank Loans For Citizens And Residents 2022

The choice between Burgan Bank’s loans to citizens and residents is according to the purpose of each of them and its own conditions. Each loan is dedicated to completing a specific task, which made the bank provide many ways of communication.

So that it is easy for customers to find appropriate answers to inquiries and complaints during the loan application, and through the Money Makers website, we will learn about Burgan Bank loans for citizens and residents 2022.

Burgan Bank loans for citizens and residents 2022

Burgan Bank is considered one of the best banks in the State of Kuwait, which provides its customers with a lot of services, whether for individuals or institutions. Its goal is to provide financing and loans to its customers to facilitate their life matters.

Therefore, many people want to see Burgan Bank loans to citizens and residents 2022 to pay their needs, as it provided a consumer loan and an installment loan, and each of them has specific conditions that must be adhered to, and each of them is represented in the following:

1- Consumer loan

This loan is specifically designed to meet the personal needs of the bank's customers, by giving them a material amount to spend on education, treatment, bills or any government institution dealt with, and its purpose is to provide flexibility for citizens and residents to meet their daily financial needs.

But there are some special conditions that you must follow and meet in order for your loan application to be accepted. These conditions are as follows:

  • The maximum loan amount is 25,000 Kuwaiti Dinars.
  • Burgan Bank provides a certain period for the customer to repay the loan, which ranges from 12 months to a maximum of 60 months.
  • Ensure that the loan repayment amount does not exceed 40% of the monthly salary of the citizen or resident.
  • If you are a retired person, the amount of the premium payment should not exceed 30% of the total amount.


2- Installment loan

An installment loan differs from a consumer loan in the purpose of its implementation. It is intended for customers wishing to renovate, restore or purchase a building, and is also given for the purpose of renovation, maintenance, or the like. Therefore, the value of the loan is higher, but its benefits are low, and it is obtained by implementing some conditions as follows: :

  1. The maximum loan amount is 70,000 Kuwaiti Dinars.
  2. The bank offers the applicants a flexible repayment period ranging from 12 months to 180 months.
  3. In the installment loan, the monthly interest is deducted from it, and added to your balance, which makes it decrease each time the payment is made.
  4. The customer must submit papers and documents related to his work such as the salary certificate and the method of transferring it to the bank in order to deduct the amount of the monthly payment from him.
  5. It is required that the value of the monthly payment not exceed 40% of the total salary of citizens and residents.
  6. If you are a retired person and want to get the installment loan, the amount of the monthly payment should not exceed 30% of the total salary.

Documents Required to Obtain Burgan Loans

In order to obtain a Burgan Bank loan for citizens and residents 2022, the customer must know the special papers and documents in order for his request to be accepted, as they are represented in the following:

  • The applicant's ID number.
  • Documents for defining the monthly salary.
  • Papers proving transactions with the bank and the account statement for the last three months.
  • A letter from the employer transferring the salary from them to the bank directly to pay the monthly installments.

How to contact Burgan Bank

Of course, when deciding to obtain a Burgan Bank loan for citizens and residents 2022, you will need an easy way to communicate with the bank in order to raise your inquiries and complaints when submitting the application, as the methods of communication are as follows:

1- The official number for Burgan Bank customer service

If you encounter a problem while applying for the loan, you must contact the bank’s customer service representatives via the number 1804080, and then raise your inquiry or complaint.

2- Download the applications of Burgan Bank

After the great progress of the bank’s services, there are many people crowding the branches to receive services and ask inquiries, so the bank has created applications that are downloaded to the phone and the services are completed from them, which helped to save time and effort significantly. The applications are as follows:

  1. If you own an Android phone, download the Burgan Bank application from here .
  2. If you own an iPhone, you can download the Burgan Bank application by going here to the link directly.

3- Burgan Bank's official pages on social media

Everyone has become dependent on social networking sites to know the details of major institutions, and Burgan Bank had a share in this through the following links:

  • If you want to view the bank's Facebook page, click here , so you can follow up on everything new regarding loans and the rest of the bank's services.
  • The bank allows to communicate with the technical support of the bank’s customers 24 hours a day, and this is through the number 1804080.
  • To find out the inquiries and complaints of others through the Twitter application, go here .
  • Burgan Bank has created its own YouTube channel in which videos of the bank's services and steps to be completed are uploaded, and it can be accessed from here .
  • Many customers have become using Instagram for its ease, so clicking here helps you to go directly to it.

General information about Burgan Bank

There is a lot of information about Burgan Bank that you should know in order to include a good deal when taking a loan from this great and pioneering institution in its field, and the information is as follows:

  • The bank was established in 1999, so it is considered one of the most important banking institutions to maintain its progress and development since the moment of its establishment.
  • The Bank provides banking services that have helped in increasing the profits of the Bank, thus giving its customers an opportunity to grow in a clear way.
  • Ensure the provision of special services for individuals to meet their personal needs, which helps in the advancement of society by giving each person the opportunity to be in a new home and to obtain an appropriate educational opportunity.
  • The Bank's vision is to fulfill its services and promises to customers locally and scientifically.
  • Burgan Group has expanded all over the world with the help of its subsidiaries internationally, which made it intensify its business and efforts.

You can contact the bank’s technical support in several ways to ask questions about Burgan Bank loans to citizens and residents 2022, so that you can meet your personal needs.