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The Most Successful Small Projects

What are the most successful small projects in Egypt? What are the best profitable projects for girls? Many young people are trying to find a way to create a small project that helps them provide the necessities of life, so we will explain through the Money Makers website the most successful small projects in Egypt and explain their ways of working to reach the big profit through them.

The most successful small projects in Egypt

There are many projects that young people can implement to work through them to provide a job opportunity for themselves on the one hand and start a small project of their own that can be increased and profitable through it. We learn about the most successful small projects in Egypt through the following lines:

1- Selling sweets

We often see as we walk in the streets or on the Corniche, we see many young people who make various types of sweets, and they package them beautifully, tidy and clean, and they sell them at reasonable prices for many, and the most important of these sweets (baklava - gateau pieces - Kalash).

This project is considered one of the most successful small projects in Egypt, as it keeps pace with the desired requirements of customers and works to improve the product in order to satisfy customers' tastes.

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2- Syria products

Since the Syrians came to Egypt, cotton products began to increase, which caused an abundance of this type of fabric and its products, so we find many young people who resort to factories where they are manufactured, buy a quantity of them, and sell them.

There are other types of Syrian products that are being sold, and they are their own types, such as: (Al-Mashlala - Al-Madhafa - the Syrian Labnah), so it is also considered a project that does not require large capital to start with.

3- Laundry

The laundry serves entire areas in many places. It is an idea for a project for the state of the area with a type of population working in positions or permanently occupied, or non-Egyptian residents, all of this working on profit from the project and compensating the amount paid in preparing its place.

There are a lot of workers in this project, which provides a lot of job opportunities, and the washing, drying, and ironing of clothes, and a special section for furniture, which helps many residents of the place.

4- Parcel delivery

Shipping or home delivery service is a popular job nowadays, due to the increase in demand from customers online, and delivery is done through shipping companies, it is possible for a group of young people to do the delivery and last organize and third arrange it.

The fact that the young man owns a bike or a car can help in facilitating the delivery and the success of the project, which does not increase the profits generated by this project.

5- The composition of perfumes

We see this small project in many places we go to near the mosque and in the shops. This project is simple and profitable. It consists of a bottle of pressed alcohol, concentrated aroma oils sold by grams, and a number of empty bottles.

Oils are placed in it and relieved of itching with a little fixative, and the sale is done. This project is considered one of the most superior small projects in Egypt, and success is achieved through it in an easy and fast way.

6- Gypsum work

There are many gypsum makers who mold gypsum into many shapes that can be placed in the home, office, or anywhere, and molds are used to make gypsum dolls and figures for coloring in nurseries.

This project is considered one of the most successful small projects in Egypt because of the few tools available in it and the production of a wide variety of shapes and sizes and use by customers. It is also profitable and any home woman can do it.

7- Mini market

There is a project that consists of renting a store, doing shelves inside it, buying a refrigerator and some stands in it, then buying some of the required food commodities, and selling them in a so-called mini market. citizens.

8- Diner

The most successful small business in Egypt is the work of shawarma shop because it is profitable and inexpensive. The young man rents and supplies the shawarma shop then makes various types of shawarma sandwiches (meat - chicken) and sells them to people.

The turnout increases, which generates a lot of income, and the more attention, quality, and cleanliness the service increases, the more customers will be, and your choice of site is one of the most important factors for legitimate success.

9- Poultry farming

When the young man provides the place, the right type of chicks, the right feed, and the right temperature, the young men make a farm of chicks, which produces an appropriate number of them, from which the young man sells and obtains income that helps in increasing the project and increasing the number of farms and poultry in it.

This project is considered one of the visible small projects in Egypt because of the provision of job opportunities, the provision of a large number of poultry, and the provision of number of eggs that contribute significantly to the chicken stock exchange as well.

10- Small cafe

This café benefits many young people, especially in rural areas where there are few such projects. These cafés provide many drinks and sweets, and there are many corners that have designs that satisfy all customers with them, and this project does not need a place and some few necessities. And some decorations.

11- Feed shop

It is noted that the poultry farm project has increased in number recently, and this has resulted in the emergence of an assistant project for poultry, which is the feed project.

12- Quail Breeding

Nowadays, similar to poultry farming, the breeding of many other birds has appeared. It is considered one of the most famous small projects in Egypt. It is the quail breeding project, which is included in the types of frozen birds in many companies.

The project is (birds - eggs - cleaning - packaging - transportation) and all of this provides a lot of job opportunities and does not require a lot of capital, so it is considered one of the most important successful small projects in Egypt.

13- Egg distribution

Many young people collect a large number of eggs from many chicken farms, and they sell them to wholesale shops, and this project has reached one of the most successful small projects in Egypt.

Women's projects

There are many successful projects in which many women work, which increases their income, and they make an effort that makes these projects among the most successful small projects in Egypt. The most important of these most profitable projects are mentioned in the following paragraphs:

1- Women's beauty salon project 

A project for a women’s beauty salon is a profitable and inexpensive idea that needs a room in a house in which to work, provided that it is implemented in a proper and accurate way to win customers.

This project is considered one of the most important successful small projects in Egypt and one of its advantages is the increasing demand by women, as it is a guaranteed profit because many women need this project everywhere for the services it provides to them.

2- Accessory Project

Many young women prefer to make a lot of accessories such as (earrings - medals - watches - hair products - talks), and many girls prefer, which works to make a profit by selling these accessories.

Many girls implement this idea with many materials (beads - stones - copper-silver) and design a lot of swimming pools and multiple accessories, making it one of the most successful small projects in Egypt.

3- Children's nursery

Many female specialists in educational studies and educational curricula build a nursery based on many modern educational systems (Montessori - Languages ​​- Nour al-Bayan) with the employment of kindergarten specialists after providing the place and the required specifications for the safety of children.

This project is considered one of the most successful small projects in Egypt because of the educational services it provides that are of high quality and serve many families. Therefore, nurseries are classified among the most profitable small projects.

4 - The manufacture of mosquito nets

This project is considered one of the most successful small projects in Egypt. It can be done at home by purchasing quantities of fabrics used in the manufacture of mosquito nets that protect against mosquito bites by placing them on the beds, which are manufactured by hand and sold to people after manufacturing.

5- Handmade (handicrafts)

This project is rightly considered one of the most prominent small projects in Egypt. It is a project through which women were able to set up a hand-made syndicate, the first of its kind in Egypt, in which leather manufacturing, clothing printing, handicrafts, beadwork, and other industries in which many women donated.

This project has many outlets and participates in many exhibitions in the country, and offers a lot of Bedouin handicrafts, leather, textile prints and other accessories that satisfy many women in Egypt.

Micro projects

There are many projects classified among the most successful small projects in Egypt, and their cost is very simple. Many people can do them to get a quick profit, and despite their smallness, it helps provide some income for many young people in the first contents of their lives, the most important of which are the following:

1- External photography

We often see photographers promoting themselves in order to make photo sessions at reasonable prices and of very high quality, and this project is considered one of the most successful small projects in Egypt at the present time because it provides a means of entertainment and preserving memories.

As we can see, this annotation needs ambitious young people who have a good eye for taking pictures and a camera of a type that allows the appearance of pictures with the required quality and colors and taking into account their purchase from a reliable place.

2- shipping cards

The young man buys 100 cards or doubles at the wholesale price from one of the distributors, and resells them with the extra commission, which works to find quick profit through this smaller Al-Qusair project, and this is one of the most successful small projects in Egypt.

3- Selling T-shirts

Many young people work to deliver plain T-shirts from the factory that produces them to merchants, owners of the printing place, distributors for schools, or others who use them for many purposes (printing on them - making team uniforms - school uniforms).