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Sea Freight Rates 2022

The prices of sea freight 2022 in Saudi Arabia differed a lot from the prices of the last year 2020, due to the Corona crisis, which led to the disparity in prices in general and sea freight rates in particular, but there are expectations from sea freight companies to increase demand for containers, so we will present to you through manufacturers Money Shipping rates 2022 and all information related to sea freight within the following lines.

Sea freight rates 2022

The prices of sea freight in 2022 increased due to the increase in demand for containers, as the Saudi company “Maersk” expected an increase in demand for containers to the level.

Sea freight rates vary from Egypt to Saudi Arabia, but shipments can be calculated by calculating the total cost of freight rates, duties and customs taxes, and the price of shipping companies from Saudi Arabia to Egypt is estimated at about 10 Saudi riyals, and sea freight companies are also competing to provide the best possible shipping services to customers and work to ensure that goods are transported and delivered in a proper manner.

It is worth noting that sea freight rates vary from one company to another according to the type of service provided.

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Shipping companies in Saudi Arabia

Because of the development that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing, shipping companies have been keen to keep pace with this development, and to provide marine shipping services with the highest quality delivery to all customers, whether they are from (government sectors, banks, institutions, individuals, factories, merchants residing in the Kingdom, as well as expatriates, and companies), we offer you a group of the best international shipping companies in Saudi Arabia and shipping lines in the following:

hapag-Lloyd shipping lines

This marine company was established in 1970, and it is considered one of the largest shipping lines in Germany and occupies the fifth position as the largest container transport line in the world.

Bahri sea lines

This company was established in the year 1978 AD, and this company was previously called the Saudi National Shipping Company. This company also owns eighty-eight marine vessels and oil tankers, including:

  • Six ships of different uses.
  • Five dry molding carriers.
  • Thirty-five tankers of petroleum and chemical materials.
  • Forty-two supertankers (VLCC).
  • Maersk Shipping Lines

Maersk is the largest company in the world. It was founded 100 years ago or more, and it has many branches in more than 130 countries and has many offices and headquarters in various countries of the world.

Sharaf Shipping Company

It is a company that was established in 1976 and is of Jordanian origin. This company has also been able to gain a great position in the world of sea freight.

OOCL Marine Lines

These lines are among the most famous Chinese lines that were established in 1969, and their current headquarters is in Hong Kong, and they offer a variety of services at varying prices.

Advantages of shipping companies

There are many advantages and services provided by sea shipping companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we will present the most important of these services in the following:

  • International shipping companies work to secure the charter of ships that specialize in shipping of different sizes, according to demand.
  • Companies provide ships according to their suitability with the size of the shipment.
  • Maritime companies are working to provide safe storage facilities for the shipment.
  • Marine companies provide shipping insurance services.
  • Provides all services related to the transportation of shipments in their various stages.
  • Maritime companies work on customs documentation and clearance and deal with shipments in the port professionally and efficiently, and that is done by using distinct and high-quality methods in packing and transporting shipments.
  • Ensuring the provision of high-quality services from partners all over the world in the field of sea freight.

Sea freight in Saudi Arabia

Shipping companies in Saudi Arabia provide many services to customers, and we offer you the most important of these services in the following paragraph:

  • It helps the customer to find the cheapest possible prices, by providing special rates for shipping.
  • These companies offer the customer many advantages available to him through them.
  • Shipping companies can be contacted to get the most important offers they offer on sea freight services.
  • The companies offer all possible facilities to the customer on sea transport shipments.

sea ​​freight services

Shipping companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provide many services to customers, and we will present these services in the following:

  • Sea freight companies insure their customers' shipments.
  • Shipping companies offer safe and inexpensive shipping packaging.
  • Companies provide the service of tracking shipments issued through them and knowing where they arrive.
  • Sea freight companies provide all sizes of containers according to the customer's need.
  • It also provides ships that are suitable for shipments in terms of duration and work.

Methods of packing shipped goods

One of the most important concerns of shipping companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the complete success in reaching the shipments undamaged to the site to be delivered to, so the companies follow many levels of shipment protection through packaging methods that suit each category of shipments, and among the most important of these precautions are taken to maintain The shipment is presented below:

  • The packaging for the shipment must be able to withstand the factors that may face the shipment such as pressure, vibration, and transport shocks. These packages must be against moisture, heat, and corrosion.
  • The distance and type of transportation must be taken into account.
  • The multiplicity of the type of shipments varies so that the components of the shipment are among the factors that must be calculated during packaging, such as the difference in goods (household appliances and furniture, factory equipment and contents of offices and companies, food products, building materials, and other shipments).

Types of sea freight

The types of ships used in sea freight vary, and the ways of storing goods on their deck differ, which made sea freight multiplicity of types, and the multiplicity of its ways between containers and crude bulk ships, as well as ro-ro ships and oil tankers, and one of the most important types of sea freight is container shipping, which is represented in two types that we present in the following :

  • Partial container shipping

This type of shipping is suitable for small and medium-sized shipments, which leads to low sea freight rates, as a person can share a container with more than one customer, but when you share a container, you cannot control the quality of the goods that will be loaded with your goods, and this may Not compatible with some shipments.

This type of shipping also has many advantages: lower shipping cost, less insurance payment than a full container, you can send and receive comfortably.

full container shipping

Through this type of shipping, the entire container is reserved for the customer, and this is done in the event that there are dangerous or perishable goods, this type of shipping is the most appropriate, and most shipping lines on this type of shipping offer many facilities when the truck is fully booked, and no attention is paid to Container size or type.

This shipping is also characterized by many advantages, including this type is a suitable choice in the case of large shipments, one of the highest rates of safety in shipping is that the container is intended only for you, the shipment comes directly to you, and the container does not stop at one of the other delivery stations.