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How Much Salary Does The French Bank Give?

How much salary does the French bank give? What are the terms of personal finance at the bank? Banque Saudi Fransi is one of the best banks at all because it always seeks to provide all the distinguished banking services to customers and implement all their desires. The bank also has many branches, including some women’s branches, so the bank has a lot of employees whose number reaches thousands of distinguished salaries, so through Moneymakers, we will talk about how much salary the French bank gives.

How much salary does the French bank give?

Banque Saudi Fransi is making a lot of efforts as it supports the inductive efforts of the Saudi government, contributes to economic reform programs, strengthens the country's economy, advances society, and keeps it always in a state of development and innovation. It also contributes to many targeted media campaigns that help provide social awareness to citizens.

With the passage of years, the bank always becomes in development, as the net income ratio reaches 1.55 billion Saudi riyals, in addition to the return on shares amounting to 1.28 Saudi riyals, and this is what many banks cannot achieve. The bank contains 84 branches and includes 4 branches for women only, in addition to that The number of employees in the bank is up to 3081 employees.

When answering the question of how much salary does the French bank give, it becomes clear that salaries are determined based on the job, but the average salary is 18,238 Saudi riyals, and the minimum salary is 2400 Saudi riyals, and the maximum is 100,000 Saudi riyals.

The average salary for male employees in the bank is 19231, the minimum is 2500 riyals and the maximum salary is 100,000 riyals. The annual increase is 1%, so many people are terrified of working in the bank.

French mobile application

In light of the talk about how much salary the French bank gives, it becomes clear that the French bank has created its own mobile application that helps the customer manage his account in the way he desires and carry out all banking transactions through the mobile without the need to go to the bank. The application can be downloaded from here, for registration you can follow these steps:

  • After completing the download and installation of the application, you will enter it and click on the “Register” icon that appears on the login page.
  • After that, the registration is chosen by the credit card number or the ATM card number.
  • The card number and its password are entered.
  • After that, your account number is entered in addition to the ID or residence card number.
  • Note that there is a symbol inside an image that must be entered as the back.
  • After that, the username is typed, which will then be used to access the application.
  • Finally, a password is generated to access the account.

Priority Banking

Continuing to talk about how much the French bank gives, we note that the bank has provided Al Mumayaz membership, through which the customer can obtain many automated banking programs and services that have been established with the best standards and membership has many advantages and includes the following:

  • The service is professionally provided by specialized centers.
  • A special relationship manager is working to meet all the client's wishes, which includes financial services and banking consultancy.
  • The customer gets a 50% discount on all banking services fees, which include money transfers, checkbooks, and safety deposit boxes.
  • There are some types of cards that the customer can obtain without paying any financial fees, such as Gold, Platinum, and Titanium cards.
  • The phone service is available throughout the whole day, whether the internal number of the bank or the international is called, and all customer inquiries are answered at the same moment.
  • However, the bank subscribes to the customer, so that he can enjoy these benefits, transfer the monthly salary to the bank and that the balance of the current customer’s account is not less than 100,000 Saudi riyals, and the new customer must make an initial deposit of 350,000 Saudi riyals.

French Bank Products and Services

The bank always strives to provide all the products and services that the customer may need and that helps him to implement all his desires in the best way, and this is what makes the bank always achieve a lot of success until it became one of the distinguished pioneering banks. These services are explained in the following:

  1. The Bank offers listed commodity operations with the possibility of immediate repayment and swaps in addition to commodity investments that contain insured capital and investments arranged with the possibility of providing full protection for capital, whether Islamic or conventional.
  2. The Bank includes all spot and direct option contracts, hedging, and trading in addition to currency pairing and investments linked to foreign currencies while providing protection for all types of Islamic and conventional capital.
  3. The French bank includes stock and swap derivative products, knowledge of all global market indices, and equity-related investments while providing the necessary protection for traditional and Islamic capitals.
  4. The Bank provides all services that are related to interest rate derivatives, which include all swaps and options, which are determined according to the needs of the client, in addition to providing all currency exchange, Murabaha operations, diversification, and protection against price fluctuations from all types of Islamic and conventional interest rates.

Conditions for opening an account in Banque Saudi Francis

While talking about how much salary the French bank gives, we find that all customers can open an account with Banque Saudi Fransi, but we must first make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • The customer must be registered with the National Address Service and Absher Service.
  • It is required that the customer's mobile number be associated with the identity card with the telecommunications company.
  • The customer who wishes to subscribe to the Bank must not be himself or a relative of the Politically Introduced.
  • It is required that the person wishing to open the account is the beneficiary of all its services and not another person.
  • All data entered by the customer during account opening must be true and correct.
  • Note that when the customer opens the account with the bank, he gets the mada digital card for free without paying any fees.
  • The ID or passport must be valid.
  • Non-Saudis who wish to open a current account with the bank is required to have a permanent address in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

How to communicate with Banque Saudi Francis

There are many ways in which the customer can communicate with Banque Saudi Fransi with ease, to submit the inquiries and complaints he desires, and we will get to know them through the following points:

  • You can contact us by entering the official website here.