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How do I open my inbox in hotmail?

How do I open the inbox in Hotmail? How do I get into a Hotmail account? How can I browse the mailbox? Hotmail is a type of e-mail that has existed since ancient times and with time Microsoft developed it until it is now called Outlook, and the mailbox in Hotmail is a tool in which all incoming messages to the user are placed, so you must know how to open and browse it, and this is what we refer to in detail on Money Maker Website.

How do I open my inbox in hotmail?

Hotmail is one of the old forms of email that was prepared by Microsoft, but with the passage of time its form was renewed until it is now called Outlook. Despite this transformation, Hotmail users still have the ability to log into their personal account.

The Hotmail inbox is a box in which all messages are stored, and the user often needs to open the inbox so that he can look at all the messages received, knowing that the Hotmail inbox is divided into two parts, one for important messages and the other for less important messages.

Some people are not aware of hidden messages from the user, which are placed in a place other than the main place of incoming messages, so we put the answer to the question of how to open the inbox in Hotmail as follows:

  • Go to the official Hotmail or Outlook page from here .
  • Click on the word Sign in.
  • You must type the email and password.
  • You will be taken to the main interface of Hotmail.
  • On the right of the screen is the inbox.
  • Click on it to see all the messages sent to you.
  • Next to the inbox is written a specific number indicating the number of unread messages.

How to login to a hotmail account?

To complement the discussion about how to open the inbox in Hotmail, it is necessary to know how to access the Hotmail account through the official Microsoft website or Outlook, through the following:

  • Click on the word Sign in.
  • Enter the account email.
  • Click on the word Next.
  • Type the password for the account.
  • Click Sign in.

How to browse the mailbox in Hotmail

In the event that a person often uses Hotmail and receives a lot of personal and business messages, then in this case he must know how he can browse the mailbox through Hotmail as follows:

  • After entering the inbox, turn on the notifications feature so that you are notified of all new messages that come to you in the inbox by hearing the notification sound.
  • You can delete messages as you wish. If you want to delete all messages, click on the select all messages at the top, or you can select one or more messages.
  • The user can select the messages that he has not yet read and opened them unintentionally and select unread so that the message format returns to before opening.
  • The user can select all messages and confirm that they should all be placed in the inbox.
  • The user has the ability to read all messages, whether sent, incoming, or messages in drafts.
  • Hotmail can arrange messages by date so that you have the ability to tell old messages from new ones.

Change the way messages are organized in Hotmail

Some users face a problem that the messages in Hotmail mail are not organized, so the user searches for a way to help him arrange and organize them, and this includes talking about the question of how to open the inbox in Hotmail, and we explain the method as follows:

  • Open the official Microsoft website.
  • Click on the word Sign in.
  • You must type the email and password.
  • Upon entering, the main interface will appear in front of you.
  • Click Inbox on the right.
  • Click the center on it or the other.
  • Right-click on the message you want to transfer.
  • If you want to move it from the other to the center on it click on the center on it.
  • While in the event that you want to move it from one center to the other, click on the other.

How to turn on a focused inbox

The focused inbox contains a large number of important messages that are separated from other messages in order to identify important messages instead of unimportant ones, but some accounts must run the focused inbox in them first, and we explain how to operate them as follows:

  • You must open the official Microsoft website from here .
  • Click Sign in.
  • You must enter the email and password.
  • After entering, the main interface appears.
  • Click Choose Settings.
  • The inbox appears at the bottom and you can turn it on or off.
  • Click on the mailbox.
  • You can choose between the center on it and the other from the mail.